(1-3-2-4) dibenzylidene sorbitol cas 32647-67-9

Assay: 99%

Appearance: white powder

Capacity: 10tons/month

Packaging: 10kgs/bag

Sample: Available



(1,3:2,4) dibenzylidene sorbitol quick Details

Chemical Name: (1,3:2,4) dibenzylidene sorbitol


Molecular formula:C20H22O6

Molecular weight:358.39

Appearance: White Powder

Assay: 99%min

(1,3:2,4) dibenzylidene sorbitoltypical Properties

Item Standard
Appearance White Powder
Assay% 99%min
Aldehyde, ppm 100max
Particle Size(D50 um) 15max
Loss on drying wt% <0.5%
Melting Point ℃ 250-265

(1,3:2,4) dibenzylidene sorbitol Usage

It is a Nucleating agent. Used in PE, PET, PP and so on. To increase hardness and transparency.