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barium titanate cas 12047-27-7

Assay: 99.8%min

Appearance: White powder

Capacity: 50 ton/month

Packaging: 25kg /bag

Sample: available



Barium titanateQuick Details

Chemical Name: Barium titanate

CAS No.: 12047-27-7

Molecular Formula: BaO3Ti

Chemical Structure:image.png

Molecular weight: 233.19

Appearance:White crystal powder


Barium titanateTypical Properties

Property (PureBT) Unit Test method Specification
Upper limit Lower limit
Moisture Content % 120℃(MJ33) 0.25 0.00
LOI % 2hr. at 1200℃(LH30/13) 0.30 0.00
D90 Um PSD(Mastersizer 2000)IR:2.4 2.00 1.00
D50 Um 1.00 0.50
D10 Um 0.60 0.30
Specific SurfaceArea m^2/g BET(3H-BET2000-M) 2.50 1.80
A/B ratio (Ba/Ti) XRF(S8) 1.0000 0.9950

Barium titanateApplication

1 Mainly used for the preparation of electronic ceramics, PTC thermistors, capacitors and other electronic components .

2 Widely used in the electronics industry, can be used to manufacture non-linear element, an amplifier medium, a computer memory device, but also a lower volume is small, the mini-capacitors capacitance is large. Materials and other components of the ultrasonic generator is also used to make.

Barium titanatePackaging and Shipping

25 kg/BAG

Barium titanateStorage

Storage temperature: no restrictions.