caesium carbonate cas 534-17-8

Assay: 99%,99.9%

Appearance: White Powder

Capacity: 1000MT/year

Packaging: 25kg/Fibur drum

Sample: available



Caesium carbonate (CAS 534-17-8) Quick Details

Chemical Name: Caesium carbonate

CAS No.: 534-17-8

Molecular Fomula: CCs2O3

Molecular weight:325.82

Chemical Structure:Caesium carbonate Structure

Appearance: white powder

Assay: 99.9%min

Caesium carbonate (CAS 534-17-8) Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Cs2CO3 99.9% min
Li 0.0001%max
Fe 0.0003%max
Na 0.0015%max
K 0.0012%max
Rb 0.007%max
Ca 0.001%max
Mg 0.0001%max
Al 0.0016%max
Si 0.0006%max
Cl 0.0025%max
SO4 0.001%max

Caesium carbonate (CAS 534-17-8) Usage

raw materials for various barium salts;chemical analysis reagents

Caesium carbonate (CAS 534-17-8) Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/fiber drum

Caesium carbonate (CAS 534-17-8) Storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.