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choline chloride 98% cas 67-48-1

Chemical Name: Choline chloride

CAS No.: 67-48-1

Molecular Fomula: C5H14ClNO

Molecular weight: 139.62

Appearance: White crystal

Assay: 98%



Choline chloride 98%Quick Details

Chemical Name: Choline chloride 98%

CAS No.: 67-48-1

Molecular Fomula: C5H14ClNO

Chemical Structure:Choline chloride 98% Structure

Molecular weight: 139.62

Appearance: White crystal

Assay: 98 %

Choline chloride 98%Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Description White crystal
Content wt% ≥98.0
Loss on drying wt% ≤5.0
Ethylene glycol content wt% ≤0.5
Total free amino wt% ≤0.1
Residue on ignition wt% ≤0.2
As wt% ≤0.0002
Heavy metal (Pb) ≤0.001

Choline chloride 98% Usage

1. Choline chloride can be used in tissue culture media, feed additives, and clinically for anti-fatty liver agents.

2. Choline chloride is used to treat fatty liver and cirrhosis. It is also used as a feed additive to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs, calves and livestock, fish and other weight gain.

3. The use of choline chloride can effectively prevent and treat fat deposition and tissue degeneration in livestock and poultry organs. Can promote the absorption and synthesis of amino acids. It can enhance the physiology and disease resistance of livestock and poultry, promote growth and development, and increase the egg production rate of poultry. The dose is 1-2 g / kg.

4. Choline chloride is also a very effective nutritional supplement and fat reducing agent.

5. As a feed additive, choline chloride has the following physiological functions: it prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver and kidneys and its tissue denaturation; it promotes the recombination of amino acids; it can improve the utilization of amino acids, especially the essential amino acid methionine. .

Choline chloride 98%Packaging and Shipping

25kgs per drum.

Choline chloride 98%Storage

dry cool place.