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coconut diethanolamide cas 68603-42-9

Chemical Name: Coconut diethanolamide

CAS No.: 68603-42-9

Appearance: Light yellow clean liquid

Assay: 80% Min



Coconut diethanolamide quick Details

Chemical Name: Coconut diethanolamide

CAS No.: 68603-42-9

Appearance:Light yellow clean liquid

Assay: 80% Min

Coconut diethanolamide typical Properties

6501(1:1) 6501(1:1.5) 6501(1:2)
Appearance Yellow viscous liquid Yellow viscous liquid Yellow viscous liquid
PH(1%Water) 9-10.5 9-11 9-11
Amine value(mgKOH/g) ≤50 ≤120 120-160

Coconut diethanolamide Usage

1. The product has the properties of wetting, washing, emulsifying and softening, and has good foam stabilizing effect on anionic surfactant. It is an indispensable raw material for various cosmetics such as liquid detergents, liquid soaps, shampoos, cleansers, and facial cleansers. When used with soap, it is resistant to hard water.

2, It can also be used as an emulsion stabilizer for cream products, and is widely used in shoe polish, printing ink, drawing supplies and so on.

3. In the textile printing and dyeing industry, as a detergent for fabrics, as well as other detergent ingredients and thickeners. It is one of the components of synthetic fiber spinning oil such as polypropylene.

4, 6501 is an alkanolamide, which can be used to prepare metal anti-rust detergents and paint strippers.

5. This product has a good thickening effect on liquid products with anionic surfactant as the main raw material.

6, This product has a certain anti-static conditioning effect, the skin is less irritating.

7. As an emulsifier for oily raw materials, it is widely used in various cosmetic and surfactant products.

8, This product has a good foaming, foam stability, widely used as a foam improver in detergents.

Coconut diethanolamide Packaging and Shipping

50kg plastic drum / 200kg iron drum, storage period is one year.

Coconut diethanolamide Storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.