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d-biotin cas 58-85-5

Chemical Name: D-Biotin

CAS No.: 58-85-5

Molecular Fomula: C10H16N2O3S

Molecular weight:244.31

Purity: 99%min



D-Biotin Quick Details

Chemical Name:D-Biotin

CAS No.: 58-85-5

Chemical Structure:D-Biotin Structure

Molecular Fomula:C10H16N2O3S

Molecular weight:244.31

Purity: 99%min

D-Biotin Typical Properties

Item Specification Results
Appearance White or off-white crystalline powder Conform
Identification Infrared absorption Conform
Specific rotation 89°~ 93° 91.4°
Organic volatile impurity Meets USP requirement Conform
Assay (titration, 0.1N NaOH) 98.5%~100.5% 99.8%

D-Biotin Usage

As a feed additive, it is mainly used in poultry and sow feed. Usually the premixed mass fraction is between 1% and 2%. Nutritional supplements. According to China’s GB2760-90 regulations, it can be used as a processing aid in the food industry. The product has physiological functions such as preventing skin diseases and promoting lipid metabolism. Large amounts of raw protein can cause biotin deficiency. It is a coenzyme of carboxylase, involved in many carboxylation reactions, and is an important coenzyme in the metabolism of sugar, protein and fat. As a food fortifier. It can be used in infant foods, the dosage is 0.1-0.4mg/kg, and it is 0.02-0.08mg/kg in the drinking liquid.

D-Biotin Packaging

according to your requirement.