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di-tert-butyl peroxide cas 110-05-4

Assay: 98%

Appearance: White transparent liquid water

Capacity: 60-70MT/month

Packaging: 25kg plastic drum, 160kgs/drum

Sample: not available



Di-tert-butyl peroxideQuick Details

Chemical Name: Di-tert-butyl peroxide
CAS No.: 110-05-4
Molecular Fomula: C8H18O2

Chemical Structure: Di-tert-butyl peroxide Structure

Molecular weight: 146.23

Appearance: colorless liquid


Di-tert-butyl peroxideTypical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White transparent liquid water
Purity 98%
Relative density 0.793-0.803
Refractive index 1.485-1.552
Tert-Butyl hydroperoxide ≤0.2
Iron content ≤0.3

Di-tert-butyl peroxide Usage
Di-tert-butyl peroxide used as a crosslinking agent for unsaturated polyesters and silicone rubbers, also as a polymerization initiator
Widely used as a crosslinking agent for unsaturated polyester and silicone rubber, a polymerization initiator for monomers, a polypropylene modifier, a rubber vulcanizing agent, etc.

Di-tert-butyl peroxide Packaging and Shipping

20kgs per drum

Di-tert-butyl peroxideStorage

The warehouse is ventilated at low temperature; lightly loaded and unloaded; stored separately from organic matter, reducing agent, sulfur and phosphorus flammable materials.