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ethyl maltol cas 4940-11-8

Chemical Name: Ethyl maltol

CAS No.: 4940-11-8

Molecular Formula: C7H8O3

Molecular Weight:140.14

Appearance:White powder

Assay: 99%



Ethyl maltolQuick Details

Chemical Name: Ethyl maltol

CAS No.: 4940-11-8

Molecular Formula: C7H8O3

Ethyl maltol Structure:Ethyl maltol Structure

Molecular weight:140.14

Appearance:White powder

Assay: 99%

Ethyl maltolTypical Properties

Items Specifications
Item Specifications
Appearance White Crystal
Purity ≥ 99.0%
Melting Point 89-93℃
Loss on drying ≤ 0.5%
Residue On Ignition ≤0.2%
Heavy Metals(as Pb) ≤10 PPM
Fe ≤1 PPM

What is ethyl maltol?

Ethyl maltol is the edible flavor that our country has stipulated to be allowed to use, the aroma is 4 to 6 times stronger than maltol, has the remarkable aromatization effect. It is mainly used to make sweets, pastries, chocolates, tobacco and alcohol. Dosage according to the normal production needs, generally in the candy and chewing gum 5 ~ 50mg/kg; ice cream, seasonings, jelly 5 ~ 15mg/kg; soft drinks for 1.5 ~ 6mg/kg.

Ethyl maltol Usage

1. Ethyl maltol is a kind of edible spice that is allowed to be used in China. The fragrance is 4-6 times stronger than maltol and has a significant aroma enhancing effect. Mainly used to formulate the flavors of candy, pastries, chocolate and tobacco and alcohol. It has aroma, solid and sweetening effect.

2. Ethyl maltol is a flavor synergist widely used in food, cigarette drugs, beverages, toothpaste and cosmetics. It is safe, non-toxic, has aroma, sweetness, fragrance and masking odor. Food additives. And maltol belongs to the pyrone derivative, and the effect of ethyl maltol is about 6 times that of maltol.

3. Ethyl maltol has a significant effect on the improvement and enhancement of the flavor of the food, has a sweetening effect on the sweet food, and can prolong the food storage period. When ethyl maltol is added to the processing of meat products, not only can the flavor of the meat be greatly enhanced, but also the bitterness, astringency, astringency, sourness and the like can be removed to some extent.

Ethyl maltol type:

1) Pure flavor

It can improve the flavor of meat. Its fruit flavor is outstanding. It is added into various fruits, preserved fruit products, natural juices, various beverages, cold drinks, alcohol, dairy products, bread and pastries, soy sauce, and The medicine, cosmetics and various tobacco flavors can obviously improve the flavor of the fruit, inhibit the tastes such as bitterness, acidity and sputum, and obtain the most suitable sweet and savory fruit, and at the same time, obtain an excellent taste. In particular, it is used to prepare various flavors and flavors of tobacco, and the cigarettes are added to make the smoke taste more mellow and fragrant. After sucking, the mouth and throat are dried and bitter, and the mouth and throat are smooth and comfortable.

2) Jiaoxiang type:

It has a very concentrated caramel scent and has a strong synergistic effect on the original sweetness and flavor of various foods. Suitable for meat products, roast meat, canned food, condiments, confectionery, biscuits, bread, chocolate, cocoa products, oatmeal, betel nut, candied fruit preserves and various feeds. Especially added to a variety of meat products, can play with the amino acids in the meat, significantly improve the meat flavor. After the addition of ethyl maltol to the processing of meat products, ethyl maltol complexes with iron ions in myoglobin, thereby preventing the degradation of myoglobin into an iron-free porphyrin-globulin complex. Since the globulin complex is easily decomposed in a general state, half of its product is a light green porphyrin, thereby affecting the flavor and quality of the meat product. The presence of ethyl maltol will prevent the occurrence of myoglobin degradation, or the canned cooked meat will be pink in the absence of nitrite. Ethyl maltol also has the effect of removing the odor of the raw material and maintaining the long-lasting fragrance flavor. For example, the meat quality, meat taste and flavor of the frozen meat in the processing of meat products are not as good as fresh meat. If ethyl maltol is added during processing, the two will be shortened. The difference in flavor.

3) special flavor

Ethyl maltol has the advantages of high purity, high quality, high whiteness and unique aroma. The characteristic flavor is more prominent, the coke aroma is rich and rich, and the afterglow is long after being dissolved by heat, leaving a lasting fragrance. While maintaining the original characteristic flavor of the meat product, it can maximize the fragrance concentration of the product, and has the effects of suppressing acid, suppressing bitterness, removing phlegm and preventing corrosion. It is suitable for high-grade ham, salted ham, high-grade sausage and other meat products that highlight the meat texture.

Ethyl maltolPackaging and Shipping

Drums, 25kg

Ethyl maltolStorage

Store in a cool, dry place away from light.