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gelatin cas 9000-70-8

Product name: Gelatin

CAS No.: 9000-70-8

Molecular Formula:C6H12O6

Appearance: Yellow light powder



GelatinQuick Details

Product name: Gelatin

CAS No.: 9000-70-8

Molecular Formula:C6H12O6

Appearance: Yellow light powder

Gelatin Typical Properties

Physical Items Specifications Results
Appearance Yellow light powder Conform
Jelly Strength / bloom g ( 6.67ºC ) 230-250 241
Protein Contents % >85 >85
Viscosity / mPa.s( 6.67ºC ) 2.6-3.6 3.2
Transmission% Wave length 450nm ≥30 70.0
620nm ≥50 91.1
Transparency/ mm(5%) ≥300 500
Moisture Content% ≤13.0 12.3
Ashes Content% ≤2.0 1.0
pHValue 4.5-6.0 5.7
Insoluble Particles% ≤0.2 0.002
Particle Size/ mesh 5-15 5-15


1. It can be applied to printing and dyeing and other industries

2. As a thickening agent, China provided that it can be used for all types of food with appropriate application according to production needs. It can also be used as the clarification agent of alcohol and hydrophobic colloidal stabilizer.

3. It is a kind of hydrophilic colloid with protective colloid effect. It can be used as a hydrophobic colloid stabilizer, emulsifier. It is also a kind of amphoteric electrolyte and can be condensed into pieces of charged particles, which can be used as the clarifier of wine and alcohol. As a dispersant, binder, thickener, stabilizer and emulsifier, it is widely used in photosensitive materials, pharmaceuticals, food, paper, printing, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, cosmetics, bacterial culture and pesticide.

4. It can be used as the protective colloid during turbidity or colorimetric determination; also used for the preparation of photographic plate and medium.

5. It can be used as the food quality improver

6. Thickeners; stabilizers; clarifying agents; blowing agents.

7. Gelatin is a hydrophilic colloid with the nature of protecting colloid. It can be used as a hydrophobic colloid stabilizer, emulsifier. But also as the amphoteric electrolyte, it can be enable the condensation of the charged particles into pieces in the aqueous solution; it can be used as wine, alcohol clarifier.

8. It can be used as excipient suspensions, and media.

9. According to the functional properties of gelatin, its application can be divided into two categories. Class I: taking its colloidal protective capacity as a dispersant for the production of PVC, photographic materials, bacterial culture and pharmaceutical, food (such as candy, ice cream, cod liver oil capsules, etc.). Class II: application of its adhesive capacity as adhesive for being applied to paper, printing, textile, printing and electroplating and other industrial sectors. According to different applications, the quality requirements of gelatin is not the same. Gelatin, when being used as adhesive agent in adhesive tape, paper containers, paper tubes and binding, etc. has the bonding strength be the main value factor; when applied to the fields of photography, food and medicine, people emphasize more on the product purity. The national standard number of edible gelatin in China is GB6783-86; the usage range and maximum allowable amount should be referred to GB2760-86.

GelatinPackage, storage, transportation and notices

The product is packaged in polypropylene woven bag with net weight of 25kg per bag.

Product is to be stored in a clean, dry, cool place. Rain and sun exposure should be prevented during transportation.

Product does not have hazardous regulatory classification. Shelf-life under normal conditions is 2 years.