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hydrazine sulfate cas 10034-93-2

Assay: 98%min

Appearance: white powder

Capacity: 300MT per year

Packaging: 25kg/bag

Sample: available



Hydrazine sulfateQuick Details

Chemical Name: Hydrazine sulfate

CAS No.:10034-93-2

Molecular Formula: H6N2O4S

Molecular weight: 130.12

Appearance: white powder

Assay: 98%

Hydrazine sulfate Typical Properties

Item Standard
Appearance white powder
Assay ≧98.0%
Loss on drying ≦2.0%

what is hydrazine sulfate?

Hydrazinesulfate is a salt formed by hydrazine and sulfuric acid, and has the molecular formula N2H4·H2SO4. It is colorless and odorless scaly crystal or orthorhombic crystal. Slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in hot water, acidic in aqueous solution. Insoluble in alcohol. Stable in the air, not easy to absorb moisture. It is a strong reducing agent. Do not coexist with alkalis or oxidants. There is a possibility of carcinogenesis.


1. In the pharmaceutical industry, hydrazine sulfate is used as a raw material for pharmaceuticals. A turbidity solution of thymol was prepared in a liver function test.

2. This product can be used to determine chlorate, hypochlorous acid, carbonyl compounds, arsenic and hydroxyl groups. Purify rare metals and separate cesium from sputum.

3. Used as a raw material for azobisisobutyronitrile and other products in the organic industry.

4. Used as a reducing agent in the electroplating industry.

(1) For example, sulfuric acid plays a conductive role and an activator of the anode in the copper sulfate plating.

(2) For example, in the copper plating process, it is activated to remove the scale or passivation layer.

5. Used as an insecticide and fungicide in the agricultural industry.

6. Used as a foaming agent for plastics and rubber.

Hydrazine sulfatePackaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/bag

Delivery: within 3-5working days

Hydrazine sulfateStorage

Avoiding light and drying