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iridium(iii) chloride hydrate cas 14996-61-3

Assay: IR≥54%min

Appearance: Green crystal or brown powder

Capacity: 600KG per year

Packaging: gram/bottle,OEM package

Sample: available



Iridium(III) chloride hydrateQuick Details

Chemical Name: Iridium(III) chloride hydrate

CAS No.: 14996-61-3

Molecular Formula: Cl3H2IrO

Chemical Structure:Iridium(III) chloride hydrate Structure

Molecular weight:316.59

Appearance:Green crystal or brown powder

Assay: 54%

Iridium(III) chloride hydrateTypical Properties

Item Specifications
IrCl3•nH2O ≥99.9(wt%)
Ir ≥54.0(wt%)
Pd ≤0.020(wt%)
Pt ≤0.020(wt%)
Ru ≤0.020(wt%)
Au ≤0.020(wt%)
Ag ≤0.005(wt%)
Cu ≤0.005(wt%)
Fe ≤0.005(wt%)

Iridium(III) chloride hydrateUsage

1. This product is an important chemical catalyst and a raw material for the preparation of other bismuth reagents.

2. Preparation of other bismuth reagent raw materials.

3. For the preparation of other antimony compounds.

4. This product is used to prepare other antimony compounds, such as Vaska’s complex, trans-[IrCl(CO)(PPh3)2]

Iridium(III) chloride hydratePackaging and Shipping

Packing:1gram/bottle,OEM package

Delivery:by air/by Express

Iridium(III) chloride hydrateStorage

Placed in a cool dry place