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isothiazolinones cas 26172-55-4

Assay: 14%min, 1.5%min, 2%min

Appearance: clear yellow or yellow green solution

Capacity: 500MT per month

Packaging: 250kg/ plastic drum ;1250kgs/IBC drum;25kgs/plastic drum, 5kg/bottle,

Sample: available



Isothiazolinones Quick Details

Chemical Name: Isothiazolinones
CAS No.: 26172-55-4
Molecular Fomula: C4H4ClNOS

Molecular weight: 149.6

Appearance: Clear, yellow or yellow green solution


Isothiazolinones Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Clear, yellow or yellow green solution
Chromaticity(KCrO) ≤3#
MIT 3~5
CMIT 10.0~12
DCMIT ≤0.05
Total active ingredient 14.0~14.5
CMIT/MIT 2.5~3.4
PH 2.0~4.0
Density(20℃) 1.26~1.32
Turbidity(NTU) ≤5.0

Isothiazolinones Usage

Use It is used to treat industrial circulating water and functions as a germicide and algae killer. It is a widely used bactericidal antiseptic that can effectively kill algae, bacteria and fungi. The active single agent can be widely used in industries such as industrial cooling water, oil field return water, paper industry, pipeline, paint, paint, rubber and cosmetics, photographic film and detergents. Effective use, less toxic, non-polluting, easy to mix in various formulations, PH use a wide range, after dilution of the concentration, it is easily biodegradable into non-toxic pollution-free substances
Use Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, prodrugs, for hypertension
Use Fungicides are widely used in industrial water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, etc.

IsothiazolinonesPackaging and Shipping

250kgs per drum

25kgs per drum


Warehouse low temperature, ventilation, drying