methyl benzoylformate cas 15206-55-0

Assay: 99%

Appearance: Light yellow liquid

Capacity: 400mt per year

Packaging: 25kg or 200L/drum

Sample: Available



Methyl benzoylformate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Methyl benzoylformate

CAS No.: 15206-55-0

Molecular Fomula:C9H8O3

Molecular Weight:164.16

Molecular structure:Methyl benzoylformate structure

Appearance: Light yellow liquid

Assay: 99.0%

Methyl benzoylformateTypical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Assay (GC) ≥99.0%
Methyl benzoate (GC) ≤1.0%
Density @ 20°C: 1.15-1.17 g/cm3
Boiling Point 246℃-248℃
Other single impurity ≤1.0%
Suspended substance No
Transmittance 450nm,≥98.0%

Methyl benzoylformate function

1. Methyl benzoylformate is an intermediate of the herbicide oxazinone.

2. Used as a photoinitiator for UV curable coatings and inks.

Methyl benzoylformate Packaging and Shipping

Packing:25kg or 200L/drum.

Delivery:with in 5-7 working days.

Methyl benzoylformate storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.