Octadecanamide cas 124-26-5

Assay: 98%

Appearance: white powder

Capacity: 1000MT per year

Packaging: 25 kg bags, 500 kg bags.

Sample: available



Octadecanamide CAS 124-26-5 Quick Details

Chemical Name: Octadecanamide,Stearmide

CAS No.: 124-26-5

Molecular Formula: C18H37NO

StearmideStructure:Stearmide Structure

Molecular weight:283.49

Appearance:White powder

Assay: 98%

Octadecanamide Typical Properties

Item Standard
Amide Cotent,% 98min
Acidvalue,mgKOH/g 1.0max
Iodine value,g/100g 1.5max
Melting point,℃ 97-101
Color,Hazen 300max
Moisture, % 0.1max
Appearance White powder

Pros and Cons of the Practice about OurOctadecanamide


1. When used as an internal release agent and lubricant for natural rubber or synthetic rubber, our Octadecanamide from the plant can definitely improve its processability while the dispersion effect of pigments and other additives can also be taken at the same time.

2. Our Octadecanamide on sale usually contain palmitamide which has no hygroscopicity and good slip properties, can improve the dispersion effect of pigments or dyes and stabilize the emulsions like paraffin wax.


1. This bulk Octadecanamide is not as lubricious as stearic acid because of its short-term effect, poor thermal stability, and the initial coloring problem. However, this material can be optimized by adding a small amount of higher alcohol for lubricant use.

2. It will be easy to precipitate on the surface of the finished product and affect its printability as well as transparency.