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perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane cas 101947-16-4

Assay: 97%min

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Capacity: 1MT/MONTH

Packaging: 25KG/DRUM;

Sample: available



PerfluorodecyltriethoxysilaneQuick Details

Chemical Name:Perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane
CAS No.: 101947-16-4
Molecular Fomula: C16H19F17O3SiO2

Chemical Structure:image.png

Molecular weight:610.38

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid

Assay: 97%min

Perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane Typical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Content % ≥97.0%
Density (20℃),g/cm3 1.415±0.005
Refractive index(20℃) 1.344±0.005

What IsPerfluorodecyltriethoxysilane?

It is a colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid, which can be used for coating of electronic products, self-cleaning of glass and other products.

Perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane Application

1. Use an acid catalyst or base catalyst when doing surface treatment.

2. The fluorosilane can be diluted to a 1-2% solution in isopropanol.

3. Use protective gloves and protective glasses.

4. Please use it in a well ventilated environment.

Perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane Packaging and Shipping

5kg/drum 25kg/drum

Perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane Storage

Stored in a cool dry and ventilated warehouse