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potassium iodate cas 7758-05-6

Chemical Name: Potassium iodate

CAS No.: 7758-05-6

Molecular Fomula: IKO3

Molecular weight:214

Appearance:White powder

Assay: 99%min



Potassium iodate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Potassium iodate

CAS No.:7758-05-6

Molecular Fomula:IKO3

Chemical Structure:Potassium iodate Structure

Molecular weight:214

Appearance:White powder


Potassium iodate Typical Properties

Item Standard Results
Appearance White crystal or powder White powder
Identification experiment Positive reaction Positive reaction
PH 5-8 6.6
Chlorate (ClO) ≦100mg/kg <100mg/kg
Iodide ≦20mg/kg <20mg/kg
As ≦3mg/kg <3mg/kg
Pb ≦4mg/kg <4mg/kg
Loss on drying ≦0.01% 0.008%
SO4 ≦50mg/kg <50mg/kg
Assay (Dry base ) ≧99.0% 99.72%

Potassium iodateUsage

1. Potassium iodate is used as an animal feed additive and a medicinal iodine additive for wheat flour treatments and dough conditioners.

2. Potassium iodate is also used as an analytical reagent, an oxidizing agent and a redox titrant.

3. Potassium iodate can prepare potassium carbonate standard solution. Analysis of zinc, iodine, and arsenic. Used as an oxidant in volumetric analysis.

Potassium iodatePackaging and Shipping

Packing:25 kg bag or drum

Delivery:by air ,by sea

Potassium iodateStorage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.