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sodium aluminate cas 11138-49-1 (1)

Assay: 23%,35%,50%,53%

Appearance: colorless liquid, white powder

Capacity: 10000MT

Packaging: 1.5MT/IBC drum,25kg/bag

Sample: Available



Sodium aluminateQuick Details

Chemical Name: Sodium aluminate

CAS No.: 11138-49-1

Molecular Formula: AlNaO2

Chemical Structure:image.png

Molecular Weight:81.97

Appearance:White powder

Assay: 53%

Sodium aluminateTypical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance White Powder
NaAlO2 ≥85
AL2O3 ≥53
Na2O 41±1
Na2O/ AL2O3 1.25±0.05
铁(Fe) ≤200
PH ≥12
Water Insoluble ≤1.0

Sodium aluminateApplication

Sodium aluminate is divided into solid sodium aluminate and liquid sodium aluminate. This product is used as a catalyst raw material in the chemical industry. It is a kind of high efficiency coagulant in the treatment of drinking water and industrial water. It is used in the construction industry as corrosion and The surface protection agent for steel has a wide range of uses in titanium dioxide, silica, paper, textile printing and dyeing, rubber building materials, ceramic casting, pharmaceutical fields.

Sodium aluminatePackaging and Shipping

Bags, 25kg

Sodium aluminateStorage

Treasury ventilation low temperature drying; and acid, ammonia salt stored separately.