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sodium aluminate cas 11138-49-1

Assay: 23%,35%,50%,53%

Appearance: colorless liquid, white powder

Capacity: 10000MT

Packaging: 1.5MT/IBC drum,25kg/bag

Sample: Available



Sodium aluminateQuick Details

Chemical Name: Sodium aluminate

CAS No.: 11138-49-1

Molecular Formula: AlNaO2

Chemical Structure:image.png

Molecular Weight:81.97

Appearance:White powder

Assay: 53%

Sodium aluminateTypical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance White Powder
NaAlO2 ≥85
AL2O3 ≥53
Na2O 41±1
Na2O/ AL2O3 1.25±0.05
Fe ≤200
PH ≥12
Water Insoluble ≤1.0

What isSodium aluminate?

1. Sodium aluminate is an important commercial papermaking additive about 20 to 30 years ago. It has many uses, such as helping to keep fine fibers and fillers, stabilizing buffering capacity in water treatment, and adjusting the pH of the water circulation system. The strength of the paper (ie, neutralizing the acidic components that cause the paper to age) increases the opacity of the paper.

2. However, in the last 20 years, the above application of sodium aluminate has dropped significantly, mainly because more economical chemicals (for the same purpose) are already on the market.

3. Today’s water treatment seems to be the main goal of sodium aluminate in paper mills. It is the occasional sizing difficulty problem (related to rosin sizing) that paper mills can solve by urgently adding sodium aluminate at a convenient point of short cycle. Carefully add acid to the solution of sodium aluminate (initial pH about 8), precipitated by alkaline aluminum hydroxide, exhibits excellent flocculation characteristics, and can also condense impurities in water, when using alum as co-flocculation acid Get the best results.

4. Regardless of pH and polynuclearity, the addition of aluminate to the alum system is an effective way to increase both aluminum concentration and sulfate anion.

Sodium aluminateApplication

1. This product is a mordant, water softener, is the manufacture of zeolite, opal glass and soap, analytical reagents. It is also widely used in pharmaceutical, rubber, printing and dyeing, textile, and catalyst production.

2. It can be used as cement quick-setting agent in civil engineering. This product is mixed with water glass for plugging during construction. It can make cement quickly condense. It is an ideal additive for underground, rapid construction and fast curing of cement.

3. In the paper industry, the combination of sodium aluminate and aluminum sulfate is a good filler, which can improve the pressure characteristics, the distance control of the rubber and the new printing machine; in the papermaking process, it can make the pulp quick set. The role is to replace the new product of the gel; it can increase the whiteness of the paper, make the paper surface smooth and smooth, and be more fluent in writing; it can increase the weight of the paper, increase the hardness of the paper, and not penetrate the paper during writing. .

4. In water treatment, it can be used as a water purifying agent to reduce the hardness of water, reduce turbidity, accelerate the sedimentation of suspended solids, and improve the separation conditions to accelerate the precipitation of hard ions to the insoluble aluminum hydroxide. Has a strong affinity, this property is used to treat boiler water in order to obtain very low silica impurity content and also used in the manufacture of coagulants to improve flocculation of clarified sewage with chalk, ferric chloride and polymeric media chemicals. The ability to flocculate the form of aluminum hydroxide accelerates the clarification process.

5. Reduce the viscosity of oil well water and protect the surface of steel in thepetrochemical industry.

6. This product is used in the production of titanium dioxide to coat its surface and improve its properties.

Sodium aluminatePackaging and Shipping

Bags, 25kg

Sodium aluminateStorage

Treasury ventilation low temperature drying; and acid, ammonia salt stored separately.